About Us

Hi, I'm Kary Shumway

Beer Business Finance Association Founder

I have a passion for showing breweries and beer distributors how to use financial knowledge to improve cash flow, profits and the value of their business.

The Beer Business Finance association is dedicated to connecting you with financial professionals in the beer business to share ideas and best practices so that you can improve financial results in your business.

Why a Beer Business Finance Association?


When I started out in the beer business 20+ years ago, I wished there was an organization like this. A place to network with other financial professionals, to ask questions, share best practices and bounce ideas off each other.  

The Beer Business Finance Association was created for you. 

You are not alone. Now you have access to a network of your peers who are facing the same problems that you are. Together, we’ll discuss challenges, opportunities, and best practices to help your business transform financial results. 



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